What are Semi-auxiliary verbs?

Hi all the teachers here!!

Would you please tell me what the semi-auxiliary verbs are?

I would be more happy if you-all give me any examples.

Thanks beforehand!!


Dear soklong,
I think Mister Micawber’s explanation was rather good and easy for comprehension. What more questions have you got?

Hey Pamela!

Please you take a look on my previous question.

The first one is about SEMI-MODAL, but this time is SEMI-AUXI.

Hope to get answer from y’all.

Have funsss!


Hi soklong,
Mister Micawber also mentioned
Semi-auxiliary verbs: be able to, have to, be going to, etc.

His examples:
Are you able to stand on your head?
Are you going to eat the rest of your french fries?

I have to retake my English test.I’m going to take a shower.

Semi-auxiliary verbs exhibit some of the characteristics of modals. (MM’s quote)