What adjectives can express that something is worthy to be noticed, watched or cared?

As far as I know, “careful”, “wary”, “alert” can describe that someone is careful about or paying great attention to sth. But I cannot conjure any adjectives that express conversely.

“Conspicuous" fulfills my expection a bit, but it lacks a sense of crisis.


Hi and welcome to our forum. Can you please tell me what exactly you are trying to understand? Are you referring to some kind of exercise? Can you please give me some context?

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I am shaperning my English writing skill. I want to express that something is deserved to be aware of, with a sense of crisis, so I came here to ask for the corresponding adjectives.


I think the better term is ‘writing skills’. To best answer your question I would need the entire sentence you are trying to compose. Context is important when it comes to selecting the right words.


I have tried my best to describe my question, but it seems surpass my expressive limitation. Thank you anyway.

Have you tried a dictionary or a translator? Also, more context would help immensely.