What a slugabed!

One of today’s words of the day on the net is ‘slugabed’ (someone who stays in bed late). I had never heard it before and wonder if it’s commonly used. It sounds funny to me and I think I’m going to like it :slight_smile: .

My dictionary says that slugabed has its origins in the late 16th century. I personally have never heard the word, but it seems useful, because there is no word in my vocabulary for such a person.

An approximation of this definition in Spanish would be ‘dormil?n’, translated as ‘sleepyhead’, but it’s more general, I’d say. In French you say “faire la grasse matin?e” (also a beloved expression!), literally ‘have a fat morning’, but I don’t know of any adjective for it.

Hi Concita,

Yes, I know it well. Maybe I’m showing my age. A slugabed is a sort of Oblomov.


Hi Alan, so have you read Oblomov by Ivan Goncharov? How did you like the novel?

You could have said it with upturned words, Alan, it would have been just as clear to me :lol:. No, really, it sounded like ‘A debaguls is a sort of Vomolbo’!! OK, the first word was by now familiar, but I had never heard the noun ‘Oblomov’. I’ve just looked it up and am less confused now.