We're having a heatwave


Everyone knows that weather affects the way people behave. It can of course also bring about change on the way we live. Take the people here. The weather is our favourite topic of conversation simply because you never know what’s coming next. We usually get other people’s leftovers like the poor man at the feast. You know - here’s a slice of sun, lovely drop of rain there - oh and got a nice little storm coming up shortly. As the great climatic influences swoop across the world, we simply get the bits that drop off on the way. At the moment we’re getting the Mediterranean visitor who dropped in for tea the other week, stayed overnight and thought she’d stay for a bit. That’s why everything’s changing. Old men are seen tottering around in shorts and shedding clothes they’d never dream of shedding and young women are doing the same, which makes the old men totter even more. Pinkness abounds. Skin that has been well protected all these months now sees the light of day and takes on that sickly pink look. People stand around in two and threes talking to each other in the street whereas in the past they’d simply nod at and pass each other. The question is how long will our Mediterranean visitor stay? There’s part of me that wants her to pack her bags and go and take her heatwave with her. Then there’s another part that wants her to stay till the weekend and then perhaps leave Monday?


That’s why people in Southern or Mediterranean countries are what they are!

And she’s already well outlived her welcome, too!


The image of all this generously exposed flesh burnt pink as a shrimp is just too much! And your way of describing it beats it by a mile!


Yes. I agree with you guys, but I have another point of view. I think it would be boring if the weather stays the same the whole year. We as humans like to have different flavors. For instant, If the weather stays in UK cold all the year, people there wouldn’t be able to do their job becuase their bodies need sun-light to get energy. So getting some heat is not that bad. The same idea is applicable for Mediterranean countries, people there need some cold to cool them a bit :smiley: . Weather changes its conditions is a blessing we should thank the creator for.

Hi bara

Oh, yes…

Certainly, I like to have different flavours… but for the two days they forecast 35 degrees and even higher…
It seems to be a bit too much for doing any job… even though you adore sun-light.

We were having a heatwave some days ago during 2 weeks and it was really hard! For Belarus it’s too much… I ‘d prefere UK climate to Mediterranean as after my observetion, the heatwave blocks people’s brains’ abilities. And a soule’s abilities too… Like in Fitszherald’s novel about four young people in New York…
May be they in Mediterranan countries have aleady produced antibodies for such heat, who knows… But in reverse I suppose we have poduced antibodies to frosts! :slight_smile: What about exchanging experience?

Hi Sanya :slight_smile:

As I had lived/been in different parts of Russia (and the former USSR), I have an experience both of -35 - -40 winters (Ural) and +40 summers (Alma-Ati (Kazachstan), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Baku(Azerbaidshan)).

I’d say that if you are skilled how to keep warm in a really cold :slight_smile: climate, the frost is a bit better than the heat.
I remember, that in my childhood we enjoyed sledging in the days, when school lessons had been cancelled because of ‘strong frost’ :).