well taken care of


Adam: Please look after my baby.
Lisa: Don’t worry Adam, she will be well taken care of.

Does it mean the baby will be nicely treated by Lisa?

I remember ‘well taken care of’ is also a slang, which means to beat up/torture someone.

Please help.

Thansl. :wink:

Well, do you think that Lisa is going to torture the baby? You must use common sense when deciding which definition of a word or phrase is meant.

No, of course not Mr. Micawber.

But, it’s like an assurance like we normally use in our daily lives, i think.


Adam: Thanks for accepting this job.
Lisa: Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to do it.

What is? What are you asking about?

Lisa: Don’t worry Adam, she will be well taken care of. <— i think it’s some sort of assurance, don’t you think?

Just like some one saying: I’ll try my best, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that Lisa will torture the baby. I guess.

Ah. Well, perhaps, but as you said it has two meanings and you have supplied no context that identifies the right meaning. That is why I said you must use common sense: only you know the whole context.

ya… but, I’m no native speaker. That’s why. ; ) Thanks anyway.

Even as a non-native speaker, you must have common sense. If I say ‘Turn right at the next corner’, I hope you can figure out which definition of ‘right’ applies.