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Hello there! Our mission is simple - we want you to enjoy learning English with us. Hope you will feel like at home!

Important - if you’re transitioning from the old forum - http://www.english-test.net/forum
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At this point the forum still looks a bit messy as the transition period isn’t over yet so please bear with us, we’re getting there ;-). Many thanks for your support.


I want ask you to open my account


Your account is open since you can post messages.


Hi Torsten,
I’m Ginger.Thanks you for being so kind to us that we can download from the PDF file for free to learn English.



You are welcome, Ginger.


I always welcome and accept changes. But, Torsten, I do not find this format as friendly and as full as the previous one. Would you consider simplifying it with all the forums being made visible on accessing the website? Thanks.


Hi Lawrence, thanks a lot for your feedback. We’ve just linked the forum to the site and vice versa, can you please check?


hi, I used to be able to find all explanations to all the test, now the link says the topics are all private or no longer exist, where to find them? Thank you!


Hi PKC, welcome back to the forum, we’re glad you’ve made the transition with us ;-). I take you are referring to the topics related to the test questions?


for example,in this link:

the first question has a link “click here for explanation”,

the above link says “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”


btw, I like the new version, very modern interface.


Thanks a lot for your support, we’ll check into this and get back to you shortly. In the meantime, please let us know how you like our voice recording feature. Do you know how it works?


I have been using and enjoying thd old forum.
And really thanks for that to everyone of you to help others by putting your personal time!

The old forum was nice, and is there any reason, all of a sudden you changed to this new Avatar. Of course, this UI is not nice.



Hello Suresh, can you please tell us what exactly you don’t like about the new UI? What exactly is not nice and why do you say ‘of course’ as if it were obvious? And what you do you mean by ‘new Avatar’? Are you talking about Discourse as a forum platform?

Many thanks,



I can not point out a specific area/page/feature to say -‘not user-friendly’.
As a whole (in its totality), it is not at all nice!
Avatar - New website (also new UI).

I am saying only about the UI, not the people.



This UI lacks the energy/life if I compare with the old UI/Website.

I really wonder this kind of experience(s) stands against that theory - Life in the universe is random, and just bunch of Cells. Because cells can not determine the feel/goodness/beauty/special feelings. Mere Chemical reactions can not feel these kind of ‘things’. Even the smartest computer can not decide the goodness/beauty etc. Anyway, I am not sure whether this leads to something which is outside of our knowledge.