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The following is an excerpt from a TOEIC reading question:

Join the Vanity Member Group

Vanity magazine has been the magazine of choice for discerning readers for over thirty years. Vanity readers help set the direction of clothing trends and design with the choices they make when shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories.

Now, Vanity readers have he chance to share their opinions with our writers and editors, by joining our exclusive online club. The Vanity Member Group taps your style sense via Web-based surveys and questionnaires throughout the year. Weigh in on a variety of interesting topics, and tell us what you think about the latest trends. Participation in the surveys is always voluntary, and your responses remain confidential.

The phrase “weigh in” in paragraph 2, line 4 is closest in meaning to
(A) measure
(B) evaluate
© contribute
(D) determine

The answer is ©, however, I don’t quite understand why. “Weigh in” means “focus” doesn’t it ? I thought some words like “evaluate” or “measure” or “assess” may be more like it. It would be nice if you could tell me some sentences including “weigh in” of this “contribute” context.

Thank you in advance.

"weigh in… " = ‘state your opinion about…’ /‘give your views on…’/ ‘share your experiences regarding…’, etc.
not ‘focus’.

Using a dictionary to research the term for yourself could have given you the answer:
weigh in (with something)
(informal) to join in a discussion, an argument, an activity, etc. by saying something important, persuading somebody, or doing something to help
We all weighed in with our suggestions.
Finally the government weighed in with financial aid.
oxfordlearnersdictionaries.c … q=weigh+in

Dear Beeesneees

Thank you very much for your reply.
Your reply always helps me clear my head.
Yes I should have looked up the word more carefully by myself.
Meaning of weigh in like you put up can certainly lead to the correct answer should I have known it.

Thank you again for your help.