We'd better call the doctor vs. It would be better if we called the doctor


We’d better call the doctor. Where’s the phone book?

Could I say “It would be better if we called the doctor”?

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Hello, Francis:

I think that there is a difference.

Mona: OMG! James has just fainted.
George: We’d better call the doctor right away!
Mona: Great suggestion! Go call Dr. Hippocrates immediately.

Mona: OMG! James has fainted.
George: Maybe it’s nothing. Just let him rest in bed for an hour. Maybe he’ll be OK then.
Mona: Thanks for the suggestion, but I think that it would be better if we called Doctor Hippocrates.
George: Yeah, you’re right. That WOULD be better!


James is right - there is a difference and he has given a good example.

‘It would be better if…’ indicates that calling a doctor is the best option of two or more options.

‘We’d better call…’ indicates that this is the action which should be taken.

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