Website for ordering brochures? (preparing to give the GRE for MSEE in the US)

I’ve just started preparing to give the GRE for MSEE in the US (fall 09) . I’ve heard that colleges send you their print brochures free of cost if you request them online. Is this true? If so, does anybody know which website offers a single-stop window for requesting from whichever college one wants to?
Thanks for any answers.

btw, how long to do plan to prepare for the GRE and when do you think to take it? best regards.

errata: how long do you plan*

3-4 months prep which puts my date around july end. still haven’t registered for it tho’ :smiley:
What’s your port of call - country/course etc.

I am also going to give it about 3-4 months. I did not register for it but will be doing that within a couple of weeks or so. I am currently living in Korea (though, I am not Korean). I’ve a master of engineering degree (telecommunications) and would like to attend Georgia Tech for a Ph.D. in computer science.

Looks like you have it figured out right down to the last university. Good luck to you.

I don’t have the luxury of selecting the universities before the scores are out. But I’m aiming for the top 25 in circuit design or solid state/nanotechnology.

Which books are you referring to for the prep?

I have a few books (Barron’s, Kaplan, The Princeton Review) but feel good preparing from the Princeton Review.