weather report vs weather forecast

Hello all of you

I really do not the difference between weather report and weather forecast, I am waiting to know eagerly

I yesterday post this piece of passage but have not received complete suggestions so please guide me here

Suppose I usually see a person on the way to somewhere but for last 3 days I did not see him or I have not seen him which is most appropriate and why and on fourth day I see him then should I say Where have u been for last 3 days? or Where were you for last 3 days? and what should be response like I have been… or I went to… you know

when and where to say following questions, please explain simply and with examples

Why did not you come yesterday/last 3 days?
Why were not you coming for last 3 days?

Why are not you coming for last 3 days
Why have not you been coming for last 3 days

Hi Muzafar, for the first part of your question, please read this: difference between a weather forecast and a weather report

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