We were terrified by sounds

The captain of the squad was a sophomore, one of last year’s freshmen team, player of great intelligence, and, above all, endurance.
Is the above sentence correct?

I think the term may be ‘freshman team’ even though it comprises more than one person. (As it’s an American term, I’m not 100% certain.)

a player of great intelligence.

What is the antecedent of “one”?

Further, is it not necessary to use the article ‘a’ before ‘player’, Bev?

It should be ‘The captain’, I think.

What about the “the” before the “last year’s freshman team”? Will it be error to use ‘the’ there?

…one of the last year’s freshman team…

There is a subtle difference between ‘last year’ and ‘the last year’.

Sorry, Bev. I think I failed to notice what you wrote below what is within brackets.

If you added the article you would be indicating that the Captain was one of the team during the last year that this team ever played (regardless of how long ago that was) and the team have not played since then.
For example, the last year might be 2004.