We have taken the IELTS test

Hi, I just want to say you that last Saturday my husband and I have taken the IELTS test and the results will be recived on 30 th of September.
The listening sample test was difficult for me, but I hope to pass this sample. Also the speaking sample test was difficult because I had been in a flap and I have made some gramatical and vocabulary mistakes but altogether I think I have managed with speaking sample test.
The reading and the writing test were reasonable.
Now I am counting the days with impatience, untill next Sunday.

My results are not realy good, I know I could have a higher score, but it is adequate for my migration.
Listening 5.5; Reading 5.5; Writing 6; Speaking 5
Listening was difficult for me, reading - I didn’t calculate my time and I lost points. speaking - I had emotions and I know I had many incorrect articulations.