Watching sports at home or at the stadium?

Do you want to go to the stadium to watch sport games or stay at home to watch them on TV?


Different people have different tastes and views about watching sport matches. Some people want to go to the stadium to see the players, to cheers with others, and to enjoy the feeling of winners, while others just want to stay at home and watch sport games on TV. In my opinion, watching sport games on TV is a better idea, since it is more convenient, more economical, and more enjoyable.

First of all, watching sport games on TV is more convenient than going to stadiums to watch them. Staying at home and watching the sport game on your TV are very comfortable. Whereas, in order to watch this sport game at the stadium, you have to travel from your home to the stadium, and you may face with the congestion of the near-by traffic of the stadiums, since, like you, a flux of other people also want to go to see the match on time; you have to park your car, and the chance you can park your car near the stadium is very poor. Hence, you have to walk a quite long distance while many people want to elbow others out in a crowd.

Second, you can save much money, time, and energy when you choose to watch sport games on TV rather than to go to stadiums to watch. As I mentioned above, you have to travel a long distance, park your car, walk and jostle someone out. All of these things cost you much money, time and energy; money for petrol, parking fee, sport-game ticket. In contrast, the only thing you have to do is to pay for electricity while sitting comfortably on your sofa and enjoying your games.

Finally, it is more enjoyable when you watch sport game on TV rather than when you watch it at stadiums. When you can watch the match at the stadium, the view of the players or the goal situations is not as good as the view of those things on TV. You cannot see the goal again when you at the stadium as when you watch it on TV. Furthermore, by staying at home, you can share your ideas and feelings with your relations and friends; you cheer your team up with others with a cup of beer, and enjoy your satisfaction and happiness.

In conclusion, I think watching sports on TV is better idea for most of people who enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of watching sports at home and are in a tough time and money budget.

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