Watching movies rather than reading books


I’m Phuong, Quang’s sister, would you mind helping me correct the mistakes in my speaking? Thank you very much.

Topic: Some people like to watch movies, others prefer books. Which do you like and why? … sp=sharing


Hi Phuong, your answer was pretty clear to me and seemed well organized.
I don’t know if your explanation of how movies help your vocabulary was very convincing though - most people say books do a better job at increasing vocabulary. I think you have to focus on how hearing the words helps you learn them. Here are some pronunciation and grammar issues:

The way you pronounce books is not very natural. You are saying book, with a very hard k, and then adding the x/s sound. When I say books I really don’t pronounce the k hardly at all. It is more like “box”, but instead of an “ah” vowel sound it is an “oo” sound, if that makes sense.
“Watching movies help me invoke more vocabulary to my knowledge” -> watching movies helps me add more vocabulary to my knowledge.
“sounds, pictures, and image that I feel more fun” -> “sounds, pictures, and images that are more fun for me” {this sounds, pictures part sounded very good though - very expressive the way you stretched out the words}