Was vs were.

  1. A lot of sugar was used. (Correct)

  2. A lot of sugar were used. (Incorrect).
    This was taken from a learned book. And I am flabbergasted to see plural uncountable noun being treated as singular uncount. But is there any singular uncount noun at all. Please assist.

“sugar” is not “plural uncountable”, and it is not being treated as a “singular uncount”; what you are seeing is simply that (most) uncountable nouns take singular verbs:

“A lot of sugar was used.” (“sugar” is uncountable)
“A lot of eggs were used.” (“eggs” is plural countable)

So Dozy, should I learn from you that there is no singular or plural uncountable noun. But uncountable nouns are uncountable, no singular neither plural? I need your endorsement.

Hi Dozy, please assist me to understand when to use this present unreal conditional I have always used, past unreal conditional because I dont really understand the present unreal conditional. Like the following:

  1. If he went there he would meet his old friends.
  2. If he invited you, you should go.
  3. If I went there I know I woundnt meet him.
    I dont really understand the above and I have always used the past unreal conditional instead.