wars are always wrong.Agree or Disagree (please rate it)

War makes an indispensable part of every country’s culture and history. History is all about stories of wars and peace between tribes, villages and on a larger scale, countries. As a small child, my grandfather told me stories about wars. I may not remember all the stories in details; however, I clearly remember the awful sense I had at the end of each war story. Now that I have grown up, I realize the outcomes of a war and believe, as a child, I had understood its negative effects.
It is hard to imagine a war without awful outcomes such as poverty. In other words, war would mean poverty. It causes an inappropriate distribution of the country’s budget towards purchasing armours and other war equipments; therefore, disrupting economy . The longer the war lasts, the more poverty it brings about. This can be seen obviously in people of war-torned countries. In a country with war, hardly does a child has basic facilities to go to school or does he play happily as other children in his age do.
Besides its economical effects, wars contribute largely to high mortality. The first point which comes to mind is the high proportion of innocent women and children who are killed because of bombs and crimes . Another point that compounds the issue is reappearance of many fatal diseases which had been once eradicated. According to scientists, once a deadly microorganism reappears, it can be to fifty times more harmful, due to genetic changes it develops. Any disease prevails in the war zone is able to spread throughout the world; therefore, harm people worldwide.
War causes long-term psychological effects and chronic diseases. There are several studies showing convincingly that people of war suffer serious psychological diseases for many years since the war has finished. It is hard to ignore chronic lung diseases which are by-products of toxic particles used in bombs. As one who is living in a war-torned country, I can apparently see the damaging impacts of war on people of my country after twenty years.
On the whole, I believe war equals poverty, death and disease. Not only is it damaging to the countries at war, but also it brings about global catastrophic effects. I hope that peace spreads throughout the world.

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A well written essay Gyna, with but a few minor errors. You are a good writer, with a good brain and imagination.

Kitos. 9/10