Lambents has attempted to take my test without approval. The situation is, in summary, as follows:

Diane Kruger, under the ID “Lambents”, has given me the entire test when I asked her to only give me the answer key. She failed to understand this request, so I said I could not give her the Math IIC exam. I am not a scammer, as she is merely threatening me to post to English-test.net describing that I am.

Here is the evidence:

Diane: I have a lot of AP tests that I’m willing to trade for one of your PSAT Form A tests. Email me back if you’re interested!

Me: the question is, do you have any AP test that I don’t have?

Diane: I have the pdf versions of Grammatix and Direct Hits Vocabulary. I also have the 2001 AP Macro test. Do you have those?

Me: I never heard of 2001 AP Macro… seems like fake. There’s 2000 AP Macro though
Also I have practically all SAT books

Diane: I don’t think it’s fake. I bought a bunch of AP tests from someone for $50 and one of them was the 2001 Macro test. I also have the 2000 Macro test and the 2001 and 2000 are different.

Me: the fact that you bought for 50 bucks or whatever cost it took doesn’t justify the authenticity of ur exam
there are scammers you know.
if you have the 2001 test, show me the answer key to your Macro test

Diane: in a separate email* Here ya go. It’s legitimate and I’ll be expecting you to send me an SAT II Math IIC test ASAP.

Me: I said show me the answer key, not the entire test
You never got my approval
anyway thank you :slight_smile: I will consider it a donation

Diane: Well, if you don’t give me one of your SAT II Math IIC tests, I will take a screenshot of your email and post it on english-test.net. You’ll be labeled a scammer and you won’t ever be able to trade ever again.

You now have my 2001 AP Macro test and I’ve received nothing in return. How is that fair? I assumed that you’d appreciate the test I sent you and give me one of your Math IIC exams. You are a quack and an obscene person for labeling ME a scammer when you’re obviously the one who scammed me.

Stop making ad hominem arguments. You are rejecting the fact that you were supposed to give me only the answer key but I received the whole test, which was not asked for.

Stop trying so hard to sound intelligent by using abstruse words that should NEVER be in conversations. It’s making you sound like a pretentious brat. I sent you the entire test because I wanted to be NICE. I don’t understand why you won’t give me one of your Math IIC tests. You probably don’t have any as evidenced by your stubborn refusal to send me one.

How is my phrase abstruse? “ad hominem” is basically making personal arguments to prove the point that I am scammer. Go look it up if you’re curious. E.g. saying “prick” or “bastard” won’t help you prove that I’m a scammer. I’m not making you sound like a pretentious brat, but more like a liar and a scammer who is now attempting to coerce me to give you exams for free. Being nice or whatever doesn’t matter, because what matters is the quality and the authenticity of the file. I just requested a sample, that is, the answer key so that I can check with my Macro tests. You never answered to this question, however, because you ended up sending me the entire test. I can show you evidence that I have all math IIC exams by sending you certain pages. Look at my previous post: it says I can offer samples of the test, depending on the length of the exam.

I have dealt with both sellgis and lambents. Sellgis was excellent and trustworthy, lambents a despicable scammer who stole my valuable item and did not send what he/she promised, and will not return my emails.

As I believe I have said before, Sellsgis is certainly not a scammer. I have traded with Sellsgis many times, and all transactions have been problem free.

I would like to trade with seagull or sellsgis for Oct 2012 SAT. PLEASE, i need it urgently: email: hdcrazyforcars@gmail.com

You want something … so you vandalize the forum with a slew of duplicative spam posts?