Wanting to practice English orally through Skype

To all friends in this forum,

I would like to invite friends in this forum to practice English orally by using Skype facility. I’m from Indonesia and my Skype ID is anggatan, then appreciate to add me in your skype list to start practice there.
For your information my local time is GMT+7 and also thanks to know your time to match it please.

Best Regards, Angga Tan

If you want, you can add me. I´m from Brazil. My local time is GMT-3. We´re 10 hours apart. But I think this can be fixed. My skype name is olgmol10.

So nice to see that people will make every effort to advance their learning.

Well done you two. I wish you every success, but don’t forget that we are here should you have need of us.


Hi dear friends,I am new in this forum like u i too want to improve my English.I can join me as friend.

Hi dear friends,I am new in this forum like u i too want to improve my English.U can join me as friend.

I need to improve my english accent is anyone available to add me in there skype account.
my account is talk.english02

Hello Everybody
Whereas I really have fallen in love with learning English! I like to find someone here who can talk with me in skype just for friendship and improving and enhancing our English skills.
My skype ID is : moresa7
Interestingly I’m waiting for you


hi guys,
it is nice to see that everyone is making the efforts to improve the language…
lemme know if u need any help…