Vuku bucks, vuku vest

What does ‘vuku’ mean in those phrase?

After some Googling I guess you are talking about the lyrics of “We as Americans” by Eminem. I have never heard of the word “vuku”, but I offer the suggestion that it may be a transcription error for “buku” which is apparently a phonetic spelling of “beaucoup”, which is French for “a lot”. That would make sense with “bucks” (= dollars), but I’m not sure about “vests”. Some lyric sites have “buku”, others “vuku”; on the track, which I found on YouTube, it is hard to tell. Remember that lyric sites often contain mistakes, and these mistakes are often then propagated around the Internet.

It owuld make sense if ‘vests’ were considered to be used in the sense of ‘lots of clothes’. ( a common sign of affluence.)

I wondered if it was referrring to bullet-proof / stab-proof vests, but I don’t see why you would need “buku” of those. I would think one would suffice.

Hi there,
we have word “vuku” in our language, Serbian… I will try to translate… Here are synonyms: drag, haul, draw, pull, tow, trail…

Thank you guys. I can make head of it now. Eminem lyrics are all hard to understand. I have a question about word ‘pitbull’, when it is used after doberman pincher in the lyric. I guess it is a kind of dog like Doberman pincher, what’s your guess guys?

It is a kind of dog. It is smaller than a doberman, but renowned for being vicious.

It might be a good idea to stop right here :wink: Thank you Dozy

Hello Bez,

You wrote : “Some lyric sites have “buku”, others “vuku”;”

“lyric” is an existing word when we speak about lyric poetry in which the poet expresses personal feelings and thoughts.

BUT here, you speak about the text of a song what is not lyric, but lyrics/lyrics sites. Can you see how easy to do a typos. I don’t want to look for anybody’s typos, I saw them from almost everyone who writes here, and I am not native I was always aware of nothing problem it is only a typos which doesn’t disturb the comprehension.