Volkswagen founds new company called Elli



Germans to catch up with Telsa

Volkswagen launches a new German subsidiary called Elli. “Elli” is a portmanteau-word made up of ‘electric life’ and the company will generate electricity for Volkswagen’s ID customers as well as non-VW customers.

ID is Volkswagen’s new line of electric cars which will be available in 2020. What I find remarkable about this is that Volkswagen doesn’t seem to have registered a top level domain for ‘elli’ yet and as well as are already used by someone else than Volkswagen. Maybe, they are going to use their own TDL (.volkswagen) though so Elli’s URL would be

Elli is a good complementary service for Moia, another of VW’s new subsidiaries. Moia is hybrid of taxi and shuttle service operated by electric Volkswagen vans in major German cities.


Why not?)) You deserve to buy a German electric car only if you find their website :rofl:


Actually, Elli does a website. Interestingly enough it uses the new top level domain .eco which has been created for companies that provide green energy product and services: Elli — empowering electric life.