I don’t understand the meaning of bible-black and troublesome.

Thank you

I think you’ve been reading the ‘start or begin’ lesson on this site, where both those words can be found.

Biblre-black is a quote from Under Milk Woord by Welsh author/poet/playwright Dylan Thomas. Here’s an explanation I provided a while ago:
The expression BIBLE-BLACK

If something is ‘troublesome’ it causes trouble. In the lesson the word is used to describe the way in which the two words cause trouble for English learners who aren’t sure when they should use which expression.

Is this more Welsh?


No, not Welsh, it still has too many standard vowels.

I didn’t know ‘r’ was a vowel!

Nor me. It’s not what I said, is it?

This is what you wrote:


Yes, you pointed that out… just before I said that it still had too many standard vowels to be Welsh. I didn’t indicate which letters were vowels.

Talk about a joke falling flat…