Vocabulary Theatre-goer/ spectator etc.

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  • I know that a spectator is someone regularly watches a sports game.
  • I also know that a ‘theatre-goer’ (in AmE 'theater-goer) is someone often goes to the theatre to see a play.

Now how would call someone who regularly goes the opera, cinema or pop concert.


An audience-member/member of the audience.
In the case of someone who goes to display-type shows (circuses, etc,) a spectator or an audience-member/member of the audience.

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I usually tell my students that
if you go to see a music show, a film, or a play, you are the AUDIENCE
If you watch sport event, you are SPECTATOR
IF you watch TV, you are the viewer


Yes, you are correct, except that unless there in only one person in the audience, you are part of the audience or an audience-member. One person is not usually the audience in its entirety.

At a display you might be considered to be part of the audience or a spectator, depending on the event.