I’d like to know if (2) and (3) are correct. Thank you.

(1) Is there any virtue in taking an earlier train?
(2) Is there any virtue to take an earlier train?
(3) Is there any virtue of taking an earlier train?

Hi Justion,

Only ‘in’ works with that sentence.

I can’t think of any examples which would use ‘virtue to take’, but this is an example of ‘virtue of’:
One of the most important virtues of a learner is resilience.
You can see that it is used with a noun rather than a verb.

Thank you, Beesneees.
Preposition usage is really a challenge.

Today I found a sentence with “of+Ving” which was not suggested by Beeesneees. Is it a question of BrE/AmE?

The great virtue of having a small car is that you can park it easily. … e?q=virtue

No - that’s BrE too.

The only reason I didn’t ‘suggest’ it is because it’s impossible to think of all the situations where it might be used.