verb tense


Have I used the correct tense forms in the following sentences?

  1. When were the windows washed last?
  2. We hadn’t gone a mile when I felt that somebody was following.
  3. I wondered why he hadn’t been taught a foreign language.
  4. The match will be finished at nine, so he will be at home at ten.
  5. When I went home the next day I found the books where I had left them.
  6. The neighbors say they had no gas since they moved.


  1. “he will be home at ten”

  2. Do you mean they still have no gas? If so, it should be “have had no gas”.

The others look OK.

Could you also please check these sentences:

  1. I hardly finished speaking with a porter when the phone rang again.
  2. The delegates left for London when the agreement was signed.
  3. We had not gone far when we suddenly saw him.
  4. He is sorry that her feelings has been deeply hurt.
  5. These people saw your son a week ago, but haven’t seen him since then.
  6. I have been here for a month but I have had no time to go anywhere.


  1. I had hardly finished…
  2. The delegates had already left…
  3. We had not gone far before we… This seems to be a very strange sentence.
  4. He is sorry that her feelings have been…
    5 & 6. correct.

Hi Alesgar,

I see (2) and (3) differently.

In (2) you could explain this as one past tense followed by another past tense. In other words: As soon as the agreement was signed, they left for London. In (3) I suggest that ‘when’ is acceptable.