Vendor vs. vender


Which spelling would you recommend, ‘vendor’ or ‘vender’? The latter is supposed to be a Standard American spelling.

Hi Englishuser,

Well, indeed there’s a question. It’s rather like asking where do you put the stress on debris or harass or how do you pronounce tomato. I naturally would plump for vendor. The only comment I can make on this is what we used to be instructed to do when I was an examiner for the Cambridge examinations: be consistent. In other words if you want to use American English spelling, use it throughout and likewise with British English.


For what it’s worth, I have apparently been “misspelling” this word as vendor for my entire life. :roll:


Hi Alan and Amy,

I actually posted this question simply because Jamie spelt the word the British way. I just didn’t know if both are common spellings in Standard American English. I just checked it in my dictionary and it turned out that ‘vender’ is an alternative spelling in Standard American.


Hi Englishuser

As I mentioned, I also spell vendor the “British” way.
I personally would never recommend spelling that word as “vender”.


Oh’ is that the “british” way?

Well in that case I recommend EVERYONE spell this word as “VENDER” seeing that the “british way” is becoming obsolete. Example? Less and less people are pronouncing “garage” as the british (and descendants e.g., south africans, australians) pronounce it… “garriage”.

It would have made sense back when carriages were popular to pronounce it as garriage. But it doesn’t make sense since the Garage was designed for the Car and started becoming popular back in the 1920’s.

In short, british pronounce garage as >> garriage. Why?
No, really, WHY? it’s not spelled like carriage, yet they pronounce it as if they merely replaced the C with a G… This just seems like an obvious power grab in the world of language and pronunciation. An illogical one at that.

Americans from the U.S. pronounce the word Garage… Garage from the French word Garer meaning shelter, made popular by the invention of the Car. Car, Gar… Garage… GARage.

Why spell it “Vendor” if an entire population known for its snobby way of over exaggerating their pronunciations is spelling it Vendor?

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All I’m saying is let’s not make english a much more difficult language to learn.
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I’m sure you (the reader) gets it. Don’t be afraid of change. it’s usually for the better :smiley:

Vender is the correct way.

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Sorry - you didn’t waste mine, I skimmed straight to the last sentence :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone would spell the word ‘vender’. The only acceptable version is ‘vendor’ no matter which side of pond you were raised.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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