Using this site

I should be interested to know what you are looking for on these forums. I would like to offer two questions -

Do you simply want your statements/comments/sentences to be corrected?

Do you want an explanation of why in English we use a particular construction, a particular word or a particular expression?

If you don’t like either of those questions, what do you use the forums for?

Please let me know as after 12. years of responding to questions on the forums, I wonder what users really think.

Thank you,


Well, I’d like all my comments be corrected, but I know it’s not possible.

Sometimes, I get feedback from our teacher Beeesneees, also from other people, whose English is better that mine, and I am always thankful, because this way there are big chances that I don’t repeat my mistakes and that I express my thoughts better, because I know that sometimes (often, maybe) I write left-handed or, worse, I’m not making myself understood.

There’s the other aspect: to understand correctly what other people write, because this way I can enlarge my vocabulary, because some words or expressions I know have a double meaning, and others are completely new to me.

I want to make conversation, even it’s in writing, and I love having humorous dialogues - they give me the impulse to write.
And writing is good, it also helps to speak English more correctly and fluently.
I think it’s the best way to practice English in a non-English-speaking country, like mine.

Warmest regards,

A correction with an expert’s explanation is Just perfect.

I would prefer to learn my advanced English only from a certified teacher born in England to English parents.

Kind regards.

Don’t post much but read alot, me.
Lady Monica says what is right. The people need different things for different people at different times, so why try to make people choose what they want? If we need more everyone is very happy to ask again.
Don’t say “Do you want the forum to do this or to do that?” Instead be happy that the forum is here and sometimes you need this and sometimes you need that. Be happy to ask again if you need more than you get the first time… but also be happy to go away and do some work yourself without being lazy and just expecting somebody to give you the answer.That’s what doggboll says.
What would be very nice is a website that works properly, not just once in a while. Where you don’t have to wait minutes to log in or loose posts when you try to send them or send them two or three times without knowing. And when the corrected exercises that are mentioned in the forums are corrected in the question database too.
Never the less, it’s free (unless you choose to pay for extras) so I suppose we can’t have everything.
It would be nice though.