Using the word notwithstanding


Could you characterize ‘proper context(s)’ for using the word notwithstanding?

With what I came across was The-Very-Formal-Text with the sentence:

i It is not responsible for ensuring that Members follow the terms and conditions notwithstanding these terms and conditions outline behaviour that is unacceptable on the service;[/i]

In an example from my dictionary:
Notwithstanding their lack of experience, they were an immediate success.
notwithstanding = ‘despite’ or ‘in spite of’

and also can used in the meaning ‘although’ or ‘regardless of’.

notwithstanding = not+with+standing
Logical. OK.

I’d like to learn this, new for me, word.
But would it sound/ look strange if I put it in informal speaking or writing?


Hi Tamara,

This is a kind of rhetorical word and has a certain gravitas about it. In military descriptions you would read: Notwithstanding the serious danger in which he found himself Corporal Smith continued to stay at his post. I think it’s a bit of a no-no in informal speech/writing.


Thank you, Alan.

By the way, could you explain the meaning of ‘gravitas’ - the word you used.
My dictionary refused to help me to understand it.

Wikipedia’s explanation

is also rather vague for me, especially in the above context.
has a certain gravitas

Hi Tamara,

I think “gravitas” here is a formal word meaning “solemnity”.


Hi Tamara

This online dictionary might also be helpful:


Hi Tamara,

Gravitas means simply seriousness.



Thank you all. Now, I hope, I’ve got it.