Using phrases and learning new words

Hi Naufragis, you are right - it’s much easier to follow and understand a conversation or story than expressing something. You can observe this with children too: They sometimes seem to understand quite a lot although their active vocabulary might still be limited.
There a lot of ways you can improve your language skills, it’s a bit like a sport. You engage in a variety of activities and you practise on a regular basis. It’s important to keep a balance between accuracy and fluency. You might know all the grammar rules by heart but that doesn’t mean you can speak the language fluently. On the other hand you might be quite capable of expressing your thoughts but especially when you have to create a piece of written work you see your limitations.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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again and again, thank you so much for answering so fast.

that’s exactly what I was talking about. all the difficulties in finding words and expressions you might have heard formerly but … unfortunately you can’t reproduce them to your audience.

by the way - I’m opening my third bottle of prosecco - it`s just now that I become 26.

Happy Birthday Naufragis :smiley: ![YSaerTTEW443543]

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thank you so much

bur now it’s time to go for my own party, Ok?

there are a lot of people sitting in my kitchen and they all want to prost to me …

have a rest, we’ll meet tomorrow.


Hi Naufragis,
Once again a very happy birthday wish from Bruce.
I am curious about your Art work and the style.
I?m an artist aswell, who can draw portraits, cartoons,
landscapes, houses etc. I haven?t done anything serious
for a while and usually work on inspiration, but I do
appreciate other peoples work - even Graffitti is interesting,
I think. Enjoy your celebrations and look forward to your
next reply.
Best Wishes, Bruce.