using early, soon and later


I am preparing to the TOEFL test in this month, but still I have problem even in daily communication.
May I aks somebody please to help me figure at difference between early, soon and later
I mean I am confuse for using them in different situations
I would appritiate for your reply

These are significantly different words.

“Early” means occurring ahead of the necessary time.

I paid my water bill early. It is not due until a week from now.

A second use means “ahead of the time perceived as normal.”

You wake up so early for work. I could never wake up at 4 a.m. - This does not mean that he wakes up any earlier than he has to. Rather, it compares the time he wakes up with the usual time for most people.

“Soon” means “in the near future” or “quickly.”

Do not worry. You will find a job soon. - A job will be found in a relatively short period of time.

Wow, I thought you’d take an hour. You arrived so soon. - Quickly

“Later” means “beyond the current or otherwise specified time.”

I am busy now. I will take you to the store later. - Beyond current time
I talked to him on the phone, and he said he was coming. He arrived thirty minutes later. - Beyond the specified time.

A second use means “tardier.”
The game started at 6 o’clock. Alex came at 6:37, and Vance came at 9:00. He was even later!

I told you to arrive on time today or face a penalty. You are even later.