Useful links toefl prep

Most of students seem to depend on offline resources like Books, CDs etc.
I really prefer doing most of my preperations online rather than through a book. Been on the hunt for good websites out there to help in my toefl preperations. Somehow there seems to be an odd scarcity of good sites out there. There are free resources for alomost everything one can imagine, cant understand how toefl got left out of this. So far ive just got which seems to be a decent directory but none of the resources there seem to offer free assistance.

Anyone know of something that can help???

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Hi joey2065,

As you know there are several ways you can prepare for the TOEFL. If use English as a medium and a means to gain new knowledge and exchange ideas and thoughts chances are you won’t need any additional 'preparation courses for the TOEFL. After all the TOEFL measures your ability to use English in an academic environment. Now, if you are interested in a particular subject you should use your knowledge of English to learn more about that subject rather than using books, CD’s etc. to prepare for the TOEFL. Concentrate on your area(s) of interest - that’s the best TOEFL preparation you can get.
Now, when it comes to free TOEFL prep websites you would have to define free. You probably mean that you don’t have to pay to use the materials. The question is why would somebody create such a website? You have to pay to take the TOEFL, you have to pay to study at a university, you have to pay to live on the campus, what makes you think you will get high quality TOEFL prep online prep courses for free?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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