Use of word Provided

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Can you tell me where to use the word ‘Provided’ in sentence.I have noticed the workd used in the middle of sentence and in the starting of sentence.

I know the use of ‘Provided’ when used in the middle of sentence.I want to know the use of the word when used in starting of sentence.

I hope i am clear for you.


‘Provided’ or ‘Provided that’, to me, means ‘if’ or ‘on condition’. So, the sentence beginning with it is a subordinate clause. Though a subordinate clause can be a dangling clause, the one with ‘provided’ is hardly found used in the beginning. I cannot explain the ‘why’ of it, though.

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Could you give me few examples.


  1. You may leave the office early provided (that) you complete the work assigned to you.
  2. I can accompany you wherever you go provided you bear all my expenses.
  3. She will be allowed to occupy the flat provided she pays its price in full.

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Thanks for examples.

Thanks for corrections.May i know why ‘a’ letter is necessary in the sentence ?

Could you give me few examples = Could you give me not many examples? (This, as you will see, is odd and absurd, and does not make the intended sense)

Could you give me a few examples? = Could you give me some examples? (This is okay and acceptable)


Few > negative connotation > associated with count nouns
A few > positive connotation > associated with count nouns


Little = Not much > negative connotation > associated with non-count nouns
A little = Some > positive connotation > associated with non-count nouns

Thanks Anglophile for clarifying my doubts


  1. Provided he finishes his studies, he’ll find an excellent job.
  2. Provided that we win the game, we’ll have a party.
  3. Provided (that) you complete the work assigned to you, You may leave the office early.
  4. Provided you bear all my expenses, I can accompany you wherever you go.
    Are they not correct?
    Please confirm.
    I think they are all type-I conditional sentences.

I’d prefer to begin these sentences with the main clauses. In the sense of ‘if’ they may be treated as Type-I conditional sentences.

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