use of time/times

re these sentences grammatically correct

  1. Most of the times he is at home.
  2. Can we use “time” in singular and plural as above.
  3. Sunstroke is plural or singular.If i want to refer to many sun burn should it be sun strokes,also is sun burn plural
  1. Most of the time he is at home. - he is usually at home
  • Most times he is at home. - this form (note there is no ‘of the’) is unusual and can only be used in a specific context, following a question about where he is at times when something specific is happening.
  1. See above. It is not usual for the plural form to be used.

  2. Sunstroke is always singular, sunburn is always singular. You cannot have ‘many sunburn’ or ‘sunstrokes’. However, a person can have been sunburned many times and can have suffered sunstroke more than once.