Use of "sight"


Could you tell me which version is correct?

  1. He lost sight in one eye.
  2. He lost a sight in one eye.
  3. He lost the sight in one eye.

Thanks in advance!


I will venture to say that out of your 3 examples, only # 1 is correct.
‘‘He lost sight in one eye.’’

Also correct:
He lost sight in one of his eyes.
He lost the sight of one eye.

( Now, I kind of hope you are not going to tell me to ‘‘keep silent’’, in other words to keep my mouth shut, like one other member of the website did…) :slight_smile:

This phrase would most usually be written ‘He lost his sight in one eye.’

  1. Might be seen occasionally.
  2. is incorrect.
  3. Might be seen very rarely.

Cristina’s additional examples are also okay, though again, the pronoun ‘his’ would more often come before ‘sight’ in the first.


‘His’ is a possessive adjective. ‘He’ is a personal pronoun.


I see
Thanks a lot!


I notice a certain irony in your message but I am referring to the use of the words above:


Sorry for the slight misinformation Tort. I’m pretty sure it won’t have affected your overall understanding of the point raised, but I’m sorry if it did.

Hi Alan,

Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound ironic, I was just thanking the people who replied to my post.


Never mind =)