Use of comma

When I looked the word Afar up in Oxford American dictionary the following definition was given:

(pl. same or Afars) a member of a people living in Djibouti, Eritrea, and Ethiopia

My query: Is the last comma optional in BE?

I believe it’s a case of serial/Oxford comma when it’s up to you to decide whether to insert/omit the comma.

***** NOT A TEACHER *****

Hello, Foreigner:

I am pretty sure that most American teachers would suggest a comma after “dictionary.”

I do not wish to nitpick, but may I also point out two more tiny things?

a. I would prefer “When I looked up the word …”

b. … in the Oxford …


Hello James M,

As I once said, it is the very thing I have always needed!

Thank you very much for correcting me and I have no objection to your correcting me at all, vice versa I would be VERY GLAD! :slight_smile:

Hello, Foreigner:

You are very welcome.

Since you want corrections, may I most respectfully suggest that “vice versa” is probably not what you meant.

I think that you meant something like “On the contrary, I welcome corrections.”


Thanks a lot!..)))