Use of "cojones"


Just stumbled across this sentence:

You might just save your ass come election day assuming you have the cojones to actually execute her.

Do you find the usage of the word “cojones” easy to understand?
Are you cognizant of this word?


erm… yes and yes. :slight_smile:
See PM.


Yes, I believe I do know the meaning of this word since I’ve heard it being used quite a few times in the American movies.
have the cojones = have the guts
(well, figuratively speaking, that is; literally speaking it means entirely something else)
If I am not mistaken, it is a Spanish word.

Have the guts or courage is a polite way of expressing it, Cristina.

Hi, Beeesneees

I agree. That is why I said ‘‘literaly speaking it means entirely something else’’.
I thought I would limit myself at mentioning the figurative meaning only.

Thank you Bev!
I received your PM.
It’s definitely not one of the most appropriate words!

How about “have the gumption”?
I guess it has the same meaning.

Have the gumption would work, alongside guts and courage.