Usage of the word "Stylishly"

This is the context which the word appeared you can’t find it in a dictionary and the source is BBC.
Would it be 1000001 word of the English tongue?
I may guess its meaning but, is it really necessery to express themselves using out of dictionary words? :lol:

Hi Captain Jan

No, that’s not exactly the 1,000,001st word in the English language. :lol:
That’s just the adverb form of the word ‘stylish’, and I assume you have already figured out that “stylishly designed uniforms” means that the design of the uniforms was stylish.

You can find ‘stylishly’ in several online dictionaries. Maybe you should retire your on board dictionary and start using the online ones. :smiley:

Hi Dear Yankee

(Can I call you “Oma” ? ,if all seamen could be potential captains then all (even very young) women are as well potential Omas) :lol: ,

The adverb form of the word stylish is unfortunatly not on all onlines dictionaries, e.g. Longman (my favourite).Looks like Longman is to much “English” and to little “English” same time. English some time ago has passed limit of 1000000 words within jackpot, in that case it would be possible to hit the bulleye ,while brushing “stlishly” with 1000001st place, Why not really?
Is it necessery for native English speakers to have so many words to express themselves? How much has it improved an effective communication ?
Is it not more like this that instead would prevaile some very effective confusion.

Does “Oma” mean “Grandma” to you? (That’s what it means in German.) You aren’t trying to add yet another word to English, are you?

Now, I assume that a man of the world such as yourself would know that you run a risk of being clobbered if you aren’t careful when talking about a woman’s age. So, before you call a woman “Oma”, you might want to find out what she thinks that word means.

No, we probably don’t need all those words in English. The problem is that we use a lot of them anyway.

You would be very suprised (for ever young) ,how many ladies would burst enthusiastic in full admission when would be named that way ,in past many my immensely complicated provocative actions against my numerous aunts failed totally due to these miscalculations.
By the way (when, so and so ,we have mentioned such a difficult subject as woman age).
Is it in USA hockey-mammy used only as a positive meaning?

To be seaman has also good sides you are not obliged , and you are probably not expected to behave normally
meaning of “cougar” I would find better myself, you know this clobbering,