Usage of "so as for me"

When can we use this phrase?
so as for me

When you’re talking about yourself when you’ve already mentioned yourself.


I and my friend like languages. So as for me, I like English the best and as for my friend, she likes Italian.

I knew it and I know I can simply Google it.
I had found a lot of examples on the internet.
I want to now the grammatical point and Its usage precisely.
Is it a spoken expression?
What is the difference between “as for me” and “so as for me”?
Let me bring up a sentence spontaneously.
What about this one:
In fact, mothers sacrifice themselves for their children. so as for me, I firmly believe that my mother has helped me a lot.:!:
is it OK!

Now I think that the usage of " so as for me" is the same of " and so"

I’ll give you an example based on yours:

Mothers sacrificed themselves for their children and so did my mother.

Any suggestions?

No, you have completely changed my sentence.
Why did you write a past tense sentence?
It is not what I wanted to say…I meant on account of that fact I believe that my mother have helped me more than others.

Moreover, I want to use “so as for me” in my sentence. otherwise I could have written an appropriate sentence to express my opinion.

“So as for me” is not really a fixed expression: it is rather so + as for me, so having its regular sense of “for that reason”.

Hi Richard,

Adding ‘so’ to that expression gives it an extra dimension. ‘As for me’ as has already been explained, suggests ‘as far as I am concerned’. When you preface this with ‘so’, you are saying: Consequently, as far as I am concerned. As Cerberus has said, ‘so as for me’ is not in itself a set expression.


Hi Alan
Thanks very much for your help.