Usage of shall/should

1) Shall we go to a movie tomorrow?
2) Shall we start now?
3) Shall I talk to her later?

I read somewhere that should is more commonly used in such sentences and shall is not used so often. Is it true? Does a native speaker use should in place of shall in such contexts?

in polite offers:
shall I open the door?( British English)
should I open the door?(American English)

Thanks Richard!

Can a native speaker please confirm this?

Hi Daemon,

I can’t comment on American English but the difference between ‘shall we’ and ‘should we’ for me is as follows:

‘Shall we go to the cinema tonight?’ suggests; Do you think it’s a good idea to go? or Let’s go.

‘Should we go to the cinema tonight?’ asks the same sort of question but underlying that is the idea: Do you think it would be a good idea in view of something else that has happened/is happening? - Should we go to the cinema tonight although there will be heavy snow everywhere?


Can a native speaker of AmE share his views on this?

According to “Oxford Advanced learner’s Dictionary(7th edition)” which I just looked it up in:

("shall is not used of will in American English for the first person singular of the future:
I shall/will be here tomorrow.(BrE)
I will be here tomorrow.(NAmE)

Nor is it used in polite offers:
Shall I open the window? (BrE)
Should I open the window? (NAmE) ")