Usage of ordinary - TOEIC/ W216 (TOEIC Pratice Test)


I answered to an exercice on this site, that is on TOEIC pratice test (the TOEIC/W216), I’m wrong but I don’t understand the answer.

In the correction, I have “ordinary” for the following definition:

Ecclesiastical, judge; priest, I have looking in the dictionnary and there is not this meaning. … c-test.php
Perhaps someone can explain me that.

I’m perplexed.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

The French. :shock: :smiley: :smiley:

Look here.

It would be easier though if you would post the complete test.

Hi French, your sentence should read “Perhaps someone can explain that to me.”

As for your question, the word ‘ordinary’ can have different meanings. As a noun, it means ‘priest’. You can find this information within seconds by googling it:


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Good morning, Mr.Torsten,

Thank for your correction about the construction of my sentence.

Sorry, one question, you write “should read” is it not better “should be”?

Have a nice day.

The French Portuguese :wink:

Good morning Mr French Portuguese,

The phrase ‘your sentence should read’ is often used in English. There are a number of verbs that can be used that way (the product sells well, the car drives nippy, etc.)

Hope this helps.

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