usage of "one and only"


Could you pick out the sentence which you deem right, please? (or offer your own version)

Thanks !

IMHO, we should choose “We used to drive one and only one car”
=> I think this syntax is used for emphasis.

By the way, can we use:
We use one car and only one

Many thanks

Hi LS,

I recommend you use ‘one and only one’ emphasizing that you drive only one car. The other suggestion reminds me of a way to describe someone/something as unique. Often a presenter will introduce a well known performer on TV or in the theatre as follows:

‘And now ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the one and only Fred Bishop!’ The suggestion here is that Fred is unique and very famous.


Hi, Alan

Many thanks for your recommendations. I felt uneasy about ‘one and only one’ just because there’s the spitting image of this expression in my native language. Now my uneasiness is gone :slight_smile: