Usage of "if I were"

can anyone explain the usage of “were” in a first person singular form “I” ?
ex:if were the prime minister …
so i came to know this “were” is a subjunctive word .
what is a subjunctive ?
explain please ?

If I were… expresses something that is not the case, but indicates what would happen if that was the case.

If I were prime minister, I would… But you are not prime minister. You are only imagining what you would do in that scenario.
If I were younger… but you aren’t

but it’s grammatically right ?


thank you mam ,then one more doubt , how to learn this grammar properly , whether it is very important to learn basic grammars first ?

Many people have dropped the use of were and use ‘if I was’ instead, so I would say there were greater priorities than this.

k mam ,

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nice topic sir !
thanks for the response .