usage of help sb out


I have some questions on usage of “help somebody out”.

For example, I can say “Could you help me stop hiccups?” (like tap your back or something). If I say, “Could you help me out for hiccups?”, is it okay or awkward?

If you say the same meaning, what would you say using “help out”?

(Actually, I have to make out a sentence using “help somebody out” with could (with politeness) and physiological phenomena. Please help me out.)

Thank you in advance,


We would usually use the expression ‘help me out’ when you ask some to give you a hand in a situation where you really want positive help or action. It wouldn’t really used for asking someone to slap your back because of hiccups. In that case it would simply be: Can you help me.

Imagine you have to organise an event at work or in your town, which involves a lot of phoning and visiting people and you find it too much to do alone. In that situation you would ask someone to help you out.

Thank you, alan. Then is it okay to say, “Could you help me out? I can’t find a burn ointment.” (at pharmacy or… at home, maybe in an urgent situation)?