usage of "end-run"


Can you tell me if I used the word “end-run” correctly:

  1. He end-run the penal law through bribery.
  2. He made an end-run around the penal law through bribery.


What is the difference between weather broad cast and weather report . thank a lot for your advice

A broadcast is a radio or television transmission.

Did you mean weather forecast?

Hello Bev,

You missed my question. :slight_smile:

Hi Tort, I didn’t so much ‘miss it’ as ‘decide not to provide a useless answer’.

Your question: Can you tell me if I used…
My answer: No, I can’t.


The term derives from American football and I don’t think it’s in common use in Britain. Jamie or Mister Micawber may be more of a help than I can be.
For what it’s worth, number 1 sounds completely ‘off’ to me. I don’t imagine it is used like that. Number 2 is more of a possibility.

To the contrary, that is a very useful answer. I thought it was an international expression. Now I know not to use this expression next time I’m in the UK. :slight_smile: