US needs a Repubican President Now?

US needs a Republican President Now?

I’m a guru of the gurus. All of my disciples are girls. Naturally?

One of my girl disciples asked, Guru do they need a Republican president in the USA now?

I said, yes, my dear pretty, they surely need one now.

You know US is so gay now. They are to stop the gay show right away.

They will have to go macho.

Unless the dragon will F them good.

Well said my dear Guru, said my girl disciple.

Oh, dear! me the Guru.

( No joke US is in a grave situation now, there is a Plot )

Remember “Gorbachev Buy Out”?

Plot? What Plot , who told you?

That IQ40ed Bloke says. But he says Guru things sometimes, you know.

So where will be the War games?

In the Pacific, near Yapon, Far East you know?

You are an adorable Guru, let’s have a bed game then, she said.


This time US needs a President for the interest of the State not a President for the interest of a certain party.

National Security comes first this time. Money things can wait?

What of Burma then?

My dear pretty, rub my neck nicely, OK?

It’s not about the US being gay or macho. It’s all about whether or not the US will ever become competitive again. Competitive in many areas: economy, business, IT, psychology, technology, energy, education, etc.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A gondola[YSaerTTEW443543]

And play me Smoke on the water. Deep Purple’s you know my dear pretty?

S’moke on the Wa’ter , fire in the sky…

Sure I know Deep Purple, they’ll be performing November 26 at Arena Leipzig, about 5 minutes from my place…[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Past due notices[YSaerTTEW443543]

Who is more competitive then, a gay or a macho?

or a macho-gay?

Don’t see the gay and macho only.

The dragon is no longer hidden?

It’s crouching dragon now, with an insatiable appetite.

To see Deep Purple?

You lucky thing.

I’ve seen them many times, in my dreams.

Will Richie be there?

I can’t see Purple with Richie, the Black Knight.

Not many play the guitar like him. He is Awesome.

But some stupid with a flare gun
Burned the place to the ground
Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

Oh, I miss good old cowboy Reagan and his gang.

It was awfully amazing how they disintegrate the mighty USSR, just like that.

Yeah, just like that as peeling a banana.

Awesome people.

No wonder US is No.1. They work when we all sleep.

Now, they need a Neo-Reagan?

Together with his Neo- Thatcher the political Spouse?

Mightiest of the mighty.

My dear Guru, it’s time for your Gingseng now, said my pretty disciple with a honey voice.

Ja wohl, Gesundheit, Gesundheit!

Sicher, My darling Guru.


TOEIC listening, photographs: An electrical technician[YSaerTTEW443543]

I’d be happy with the original preposition ‘with’ there, but ‘homey’ should be ‘honeyed’ in a similar way to the thread where Mr KML wrote ‘dress’ instead of ‘dressed’.

Yes, Coach,

It truly is a poor mistake.

with a honeyed voice . You know me, the scatterbrain.

Something has been wrong with my participle adjectives.( ed and ing )

Thanks a lot.

I need a Republic President for me.

You know why?

Ask my prettys.

I had a good time with my pretty disciple this evening.

She asked, Luvvy Guru, don’t you think What US direly needs now is a long term, say 50 years, plans of economic and foreign policies, rather than a this or that democrat or republican. Unless red dragon will devour them in coming presidency terms.

Me - Oh dear, My my, Mamamia, God, Christ and Jupiter where did you learn that?

Are you seeing someone else?

You’ve just made my IQ rocketing.

D- Sorry Luvvy Guru, I just thought you’re are too dumb to forget the red dragon in your counting. But I love you more and more for your being dumber and dumber. Come kiss me.