URGENT: Is it tautology?


I wanted to check if there is anything gramatically wrong with this sentence.

“John and Mary remember this place where they had first met each other.”

The bone of contention is whethere the words “each other” are correctly used.
Would really appreciate anyone’s help on this :smiley:

The words ‘each other’ are unnecessary, though grammatically correct in your sentence. What I would change is the tense of the verb ‘meet’:

John and Mary remember this place, where they first met.
John and Mary remember the place where they first met.

The first sentence suggests that we have already mentioned the place before.


The use of ‘each other’ in your sentence suggests the idea of the intimicay of the meeting - she meeting him and he meeting her. I agree with Conchita that the past tense ‘met’ is better here because ‘had met’ is hinting at some reference to before or after another event, which is not indicated in the sentence.