URGENT HELP! Such a fabulous success prompted me to appreciate.......:P

  1. Thanks to the magnetic attraction of the Irish traditional culture, we raised funds beyond our expectations. Such a fabulous success prompted me to appreciate that original ideas are the building blocks of success.

Is the underlined part grammatically correct? How about the entire sentences?

2. Bathed in the gleam of sunset, the decayed tree stumps appeared as if engulfed by flames. Such a desolate scene relentlessly polluted/shattered my mental image of a previously lush and verdant landscape.

Which one is better? polluted or shattered?

Thanks and Happy New Year!

1 is acceptable, though I would try to avoid the double use of success within the sentence. Possibly the first 'success ’ could be replaced with ‘result’.

You are the writer, so the choice between polluted and shattered is yours.

Oh, thank you so much! I haven’t noticed the double “success” in the sentence… :open_mouth:

How about the following sentence?

Because of their status at the bottom of social hierarchy and in a remote village, these mushroom farmers had not gained a fair share of the fruits of the nation’s recent rapid economic development.

Would you please proofread the sentence for me? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Its okay, though I would say ‘the social hierarchy’. Like the rest of your work it’s a bit wordy. Your sentences are quite complicated, but I know that the exam boards in some countries like to see this sort of writing.