Urdu: 'Introduce one's coin', 'Prove one's iron'


I really feel stupid asking this question on the forum but I would like to tell you that there are two beautiful proverbs in Urdu. What’s their background(s)–I don’t know.

If some new Manager of a bank, or some new President of a country or some new Principal of the school does something very, very good, it is said:

1- The manager [b]proved his iron /b in management.
2- The soldier introduced his coin of bravery.
3- The new teacher has really proved his iron or --introduced his coin.

Would you say there is any idiomatic way of saying the same things in English. Of course, these are Urdu translations and would not sound natural at all(?).


Hi Tom

The expression “prove one’s mettle” comes to mind. :smiley:
It’s probably not precisely the same, but it does seem to be quite similar.