Unspent criminal convictions


Do you have any unspent criminal convictions?

This is a question from the form (for the CRB) I am filling in right now - to be checked for the permission to work face-to-face with visually impaired people.

This is a very formal document.

Why they use unspent in the context?
I’ve never met the word used in such a way…
In my view, spent is relevant to resources only (money, time,…), whereas a ‘conviction’ isn’t the case.


Hi Tamara,

This is a special use of the word in this connection and means not completed. You might for example be banned from driving for 4 years and after three years you stll have 1 year ‘unspent’. You might be put on probation for say 12 months and after 10 you still have 2 months ‘unspent’.


Hmm. Interesting.
I didn’t know that, as I have no experience of such kind at all and never was taken to court :slight_smile:

So, for me unfinished would sound much better. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Alan!