University choosing for GRE 1570 (V:770,Q:800,AWA:5)

Hello evry1,
Don be very curious coz dis isnt my score. Dis iz ma younger bro’s achievement. Neways, I need some advices regarding university choice and scholarship.

GRE: 1570
V:770 (91%)
Q:800 (94%)
AWA: 5
CGPA: 3.64 /4.
No Int. Publication
Subject : Electrical & Electronic Engineering

For MS program, can he get any full funding or TA/RA ? Which universities will be better for him to apply ?
Prefer State : Texas (Houston), California (LA), New York (NYC)

Thank u all.
Let me knw Any questions regarding his academic background.

Hi Zahir:
I hope you’re all right. I’m lookin’ for someone to practice English. I’m from Chile. My natal language is Spanish. However, I need improving English.
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Hello Zahir, How you been doing to you with your choice of university and scholarships? I hope well, I guess at this point, you’re ready with this. I hope you go well and you do not miss on this forum to practice English and learn and improve.

Hi zahir,
I think your brother should try out Univ. of Southern Cal, CALTECH, MIT, Purdue Univ, Univ of MASS Amherst, SUNY Buffalo, SUNY stony brook.

Great achievement. 1570 can get your brother really good universities.
Depending on his preferences, he should apply to top and few middle tier universities. At this site you can find chance estimation tool
and scholarship search
Best of luck