Universities should give the same amount of money to sports activities - agree?

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give the same amount of money to their students’ sports activities as they give to their university libraries. Use specific reasons and examples to support Your opinion.

Universities are essential in the life of most people today. It helps us learn about a lot of interesting things as well as securing a good career for us. Nowadays, universities have many healthy and educational activities and facilities. This essay will explore why universities must fund its sport facilities the same as they do to their libraries.
First, there aren’t many sport activities in the universities. There should be more sport activities like tennis, swimming and horse riding. These types of sports may seem expensive, but they are indeed important because they keep students fit and healthy. Traditional sport camps like football, baseball or basketball are not enough. In my hometown’s university for example has only a football camp.
Second, sport activities helps students to relax after studying. A good amount of sport is not only good physically, but also mentally. After long hours of lectures, students would be tired, and some sport would help to relief the stress of study. In addition, when students relax this way, they have better chances of studying better because a lot of continues study will certainly make students bored.
Third, there should be always some balance between the different facilities of any organization or institution in regards to financial aspects. There should not be more funding to some facilities than to others unfairly. For instance, In my hometown’s university, Libraries are given a lot of support, and this is certainly good, but on the other hand, the parks and gardens of the university are not clean and taken care of. Therefore, Universities should give equal support to all facilities, including the sport activities.
In conclusion, I find that it’s really important for universities to give the same money and support to sport facilities and activities as they would give to the libraries for several reasons. These reasons include that there aren’t many sport activities and sport help students to relax and finally that there should always be some balance in the funding of different facilities.

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Hi, this one is very good. Your writing sounds very natural apart from a few small errors. I agree that using words you understand well is a good idea. It is better to use a simple word correctly than a complex word incorrectly. Still, I don’t know if you will get a top score unless you branch out a little more in your vocabulary. I guess it depends on what you need to make on the TOEFL. I would rate this one a 4.5 out of 5.

Thanks again for your help. I’m not sure what to call the place where a sport is played. For example, do we say football camp? football arena? football area? or what exactly?

Another example : “If you want to pay football, we have a football XXXX right there”

What do i put at the place of XXXX

Regarding the contractions, can you please elaborate the meaning of it?

It is football field. Often a stadium is built around a football field, which is then called a football stadium. Some sports use a smaller area, often with a hard surface, which is called a court - tennis court, basketball court, badminton court. A covered stadium built around a court is called an arena. “Facility” or “facilities” can mean one or many stadiums, fields, arenas or courts: “our university has an excellent football facility/excellent football facilities.”

As for contractions, in formal writing like TOEFL essays, do not use them. So instead of “don’t”, write do not, and so on.

thanks for your explanation. So now when i apply it to my statement in the essay, what do I replace camp with?

1.Traditional sport fields like football, baseball or basketball are not enough
2.Traditional sport facilities like football, baseball or basketball are not enough ( i don’t want to use the word facility a lot in the essay)
3.Traditional sport fields and courts like football, baseball or basketball are not enough

Which one is right?

Facilities is the best word there, but if you don’t want to use it, you could say “Provisions for traditional sports such as football, baseball, or basketball are not enough.”